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Narlı Botanik Foundation

When I visited my relative who was interested in agriculture in the past years, I felt the energy, peace and limitlessness that the soil gave me. Then I said to myself, “I have an unlimited resource. I have to evaluate this. " I said. I founded NARLI BOTANIK with the trainings I have received and the experience I have gained in workplaces.I associated the soil, which concerns young and old alike, with our walnut sapling production. We continue on our way with the perception of quality and trust we have. We are sure that we will take our idea to the highest peaks by jumping one more level every day.


It is to provide the best and quality to our customers, as well as customer satisfaction. As Narlı Botanik, we maintain this determination and we are proud to offer the quality at the most affordable price.In the coming period, our company will continue to develop products range and maintain quality and self-confidence. We will continue to produce and sell certified and suitable for its type. It was like this before, it will be like this after that.

Why Narlı Botanik?

Fast shipping

Narlı Botonik is delivered to the cargo with the guarantee. In bulk purchases, it is delivered to your garden with our own vehicle.

Quality Seedling

We produce the best quality saplings for you. Together with our teams, we maintain our saplings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and produce them with the guarantee of yield as you wish.

Certified Walnut Seedling

With our certificates, we are gaining more and more the trust of both our domestic customers and our customers abroad.