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Known as the most fertile walnut type in the world.

Has walut with bunches. Thin in shell, a little rough, oval-shaped. Easily broken and taken from the shell.

A 7-8 year old tree gives approximately 25—30 kg fruit per year.

Compatible with its soil, has the feature of acclimation.

Blooms late in spring. This is why it is durable to spring frosts.

It is proper to plant until 1200 meter altitude above sea  level.

Can be consumed both dry and fresh.

The ratio of the mirror to fruition is 90 %. Yield is 85-90 % in the bud.

Interna, whitenes rate is 90-100 %. Fruits are 10-14 g, 6,5 g of fruit within the internal rate of 52-55 %. The growth rate is medium strength.

Disease resistant.

Nutritive value

Oil rate 50%, protein rate is 20%

Type Of Consumption

Consumed as dry and fresh

Optimum Temperature

Per year must be under +7 degrees at least for 700 hours

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Origin ABD/California
Fruit Size Shelled 40-42mm
Shell Weight 13.5 gr
Inner Weight 6.5 gr
Inner Color White
Pollinator Franquette, Fernette
Need for Cooling 700 hour/year
4m x 8m

In case of planting in distance of 4 x 8, that is from 4 meters to 8 meters, it is possible to have 312 trees in 1 hectare.

4,5m x 9m

In case of planting in distances of 4,5 x 9, that is from 4,5 meters to 9 meters, it is possible to have 246 trees in 1 hectare.

5m x 7m

In case of planting in distances of 5 x 7, that is from 5 meters to 7 meters, it is possible to have 285 trees in 1 hectare.